Yomi EX Box
Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 1:26PM
Sirlin in Yomi Card Game

Here's the EX Powerup box for the new Yomi! (Don't miss the kickstarter.)


As you can see, it features new art of all 20 characters. Overall the box is as simple, bold, and elegant as I could make it. For practical reasons of selling, boxes need more text and info on them than you see here. That's why the box will have a sleeve around it with more text, but you'll remove that sleeve and forget about it later. I did the same kind of thing with the Pandante Deluxe box to make it extra elegant.

Here's the EX Powerup box with the sleeve wrapped around. The front has a circular cutout where you can see the actual box underneath.



It will be a great, stylish way to store all 20 Yomi decks—and oh by the way it's also an expansion to powerup all 20 characters and more! Get it on kickstarter.

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