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Capcom Classics Collection 2 Info

I'm lead producer on the Backbone/Digital Eclipse side of Capcom Classics Collection 2, and I just wanted to mention a few features. First of all, the game is for PS2 (US and Europe) and Xbox (worldwide submission, not sure where actual distribution will be) and it comes out mid-november. Here's the game list:

  1. 1941
  2. Avengers
  3. Black Tiger
  4. Block Block
  5. Captain Commando
  6. Eco Fighters
  7. Knights of the Round
  8. King of Dragons
  9. Last Duel
  10. Mega Twins
  11. Magic Sword
  12. Quiz and Dragons
  13. Side Arms
  14. The Speed Rumbler
  15. Street Fighter I
  16. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  17. Strider
  18. Three Wonders
  19. Tiger Road
  20. Varth

We've added a new save game feature so you can save your progress in any game at any time. I am a big fan of letting people save anytime they want, so I'm really glad we got this in. Each of the 20 games has 3 save slots.

Every game has a bonus area containing a text history about the game, some gameplay tips, concept art, and music from the game. Note that I wrote all the tips for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ST).

In addition to the original version of Quiz and Dragons, there is also a revised version (basically a 21st game) that has all-new trivia questions about Capcom history and games. The majority of the questions were written by myself and Capcom staff. By playing this extra-spicy version of Quiz and Dragons, you can earn cheats for the 20 other games on the collection (each game has one cheat).

The game also features almost 30 minutes of tutorial videos on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Special thanks to ST player NKI for his help performing moves and combos and in editing. The videos start by explaining and demonstrating the concept of controlling space, the central concept of Street Fighter. They go on to explain everything from how to perform a fireball to 2in1s, meaty attacks, reversals, and even advanced concepts like "button up" reversals, "piano" inputs, and safe jumps.

Every game on the collection is emulated from its original arcade version, so the same nuances and glitches from the originals will still be there. Note that even the Q-sound on ST is emulated. Even though ST is emulated, we've managed to sneak in two additional modes: Versus and Training. Versus mode allows you to switch characters after each game, even if you win (note that you can't do that in the original ST game, and that game has no 'event' mode either.). Versus mode also keeps track of wins and losses. Training mode is very simple and feature light, but it does let you fight against a dummy with infinite life so you can practice combos.

It's still a couple months away, so this info will have to tide you over for a while. You can pre-order in the meantime.


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