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Punch Out!!

I totally love Punch Out. That's awesome that they are making a new one.


While I was at MIT, my roommate and I played Super Punch Out (SNES) a lot. We had quite a rivalry over it. The game has a scoreboard for how fast you beat each boxer and my roommate and I each tried to have the fastest time against every fighter. Often we weren't even home at the same times, so I'd come home to find him with a new time 0.3 seconds faster than mine or something. But even sweeter is that a lot of times he'd come home to find my time 10 seconds or even 30 seconds faster than his!

You see, there are tricks to beating lots of those characters quickly, so by discovering some different method, you can radically reduce your time. Often, I would find this much different method, then my roommate would see me do it (or I'd tell him how I did it), then he'd perfect the new method and shave off a fraction of a second or something.

We went back and forth on this for weeks, or maybe even months. Eventually, it was not enough to merely be #1 on a character's time-attck scoreboard. We'd each try to get TEN scores agaist a given boxer that were all faster than the other guy. That way the entire top 10 scoreboard would be my name, knocking him off entirely. Now you're getting the idea how into this game we were.

I love the look of the new Wii version in the video above. Really captures that old-school feel with modern graphics. Too bad I kind of don't have any friends anymore, so I don't foresee reliving the fun of that old rivalry. Oh well.


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Will there be MP? If yes, then I'm sure you can find some friends to play against :)

November 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterSantoki
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