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Testing 3 Card Games

These are three card games I'm working on, all featuring the Fantasy Strike characters. Every Fantasy Strike game is a competitive game allowing the player to choose from among 10 (balanced!) characters. No Fantasy Strike game will ever be sold using a rip-off scheme where you buy packs of unknown cards with random rares. Flash Duel and Puzzle Strike are complete games in a box, while Yomi consists of 10 different character decks and you will be able to buy just one and play with a friend, or buy all 10 if you like.

I'm finally working on online versions of these games, but that isn't ready for you to play yet. In the meantime, you could playtest these games using the general purpose card software called Lackey. Or for Flash Duel, you could play it pretty easily with just a couple decks of playing cards and a print out of the quick reference sheet.

Flash Duel is a really simple, fast game. If you're looking for Magic: the Gathering, this is not it. It's a card duel that takes place on an 18-space linear track, and whoever scores a single hit wins the round. A game is best 3 of 5 rounds. Info on playing Flash Duel here.

Puzzle Strike is a game where you build your deck *as* you play, similar to the card game called Dominion. The gameplay itself is quite a bit different from Dominion though, because the win condition mirrors the back-and-forth play seen in puzzle games (not to mention different mechanics for buying cards and the ability to start the game with any of 10 different characters). Because this type of game requires so much shuffling, I chose the form-factor of poker chips rather than cards. Shaking your bag of chips around is a whole lot easier to shuffle than real cards, and because of how damn often you have to shuffle, it really is more fun that way. Unfortunately, this is the only game of three that I know of no way to manufacture on my own. This one might need a real publisher...(anyone?)

Here's the Puzzle Strike forum (here's info on getting the plugin for playing the game on Lackey).

Then there's Yomi, which you probably have heard of by now because it's been in development forever. The art delays are endless and that's all that's holding it up. If you happen to be able to produce 20 illustrations of this style and quality and in a timely manner, let me know:

You can play Yomi online through Lackey for now, too, but the cards are a bit out of date due to some technical problems generating the card images. Will be sorted out soon though!

Anyway, stop by to ask for help in play testing any of these games.

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