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Street Fighter HD Remix Patch

The patch was released today for SF HD Remix. No, I was not involved with it (though I have said several times that I am available to help with patches.) Several bugs were fixed (great!), but none with Akuma for some reason. His inescapable Raging Demon bug (from blockstun) remains, as does his invulnerable startup on red fireballs, instant startup of dragon punches, too high priority of jab dragon punch and several normals, and the unfortunate balancing decision by me to make his ground fireballs have such good recovery. And what's up with that air fireball hitbox being so big that it can hit things completely behind it?

Anyway, I didn't experience the lifebar glitch today or the music dropping out, so that's great. Also, the bug that sets your rank to 0 was fixed and the leaderboards reset (also great!). I made it back to #4 today, and for the record I used *only* Fei Long the entire time. I've heard from people who have no idea how to play Fei Long that he isn't good. Or that he's worse than ST (ha!). Or that he's worse than SF4 Fei Long (also: ha.) He seems pretty good to me.

Oh, and I played Vega a bit in unranked matches and I did experience a desync one time. Not sure if that was a fluke or what, because I think that opponent had a really sketchy connection anyway. Pre-patch I experienced desync with Vega quite a bit. All in all, looks like a lot of good fixes. It sure feels great to have ranked matches back, no lifebar glitches, and music that actually plays when it's supposed to. Yay.


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