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Evolution 2009, Soon

Evolution 2009 is just days away, to be held in Las Vegas. It's the biggest fighting game tournament series in the US, and always full of exciting drama. This year, it features Street Fighter HD Remix, Guilty Gear Accent Core, and some other games, too!

Over the last few weeks, some posters have been running online tournaments for my card game, Yomi. After Evolution is over, you might join in and contribute to the character balance. Info on how to playtest online here. You can print the decks for yourself here. Or you can try out the game in physical form at Evolution. I'll have dozens of decks there, this time printed on real cards, not just mockups.

I'll also be testing a second card game at Evolution, codename: Fast Game, because it's over extremely fast and is even simpler than Yomi. And finally, I'll have a prototype of a third card game that uses no actual cards; instead, it's played with about 500 special poker chips, abilities printed on the chips (there's no betting, but the chips make it much easier to shuffle). That was a bitch to create, but you can try that out too at the event. I think there will be some fighting games there, too.

Speaking of fighting games, the SF HD Remix tournament will be interesting, won't it?


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