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Flash Duel Manufacturing Progress

Flash Duel is the simplest of the three card games I'm working on. Or to put it another way, it has the shortest playtime (only about 5 minutes!), and is the easiest to teach to non-gamers, like your mom. Yet it manages to have real strategy and 45 different character matchups!

It will come in two varieties: the regular version cards-only. The gameplay involves dueling along an 18-space linear track, and in the card-only version, there are 5 cards in the box that you put together to make the track. This version is very portable, so its small size combined with the fast playtime makes it a great game to play on-the-go.

But what if you'd like to Flash Duel in style? In that case, I've got the DELUXE version for you. It's ridiculously fancy. Here are some pics:



The box is made of wood, not cheapy cardboard like most games. The game's logo is laser engraved into the sides of the box. Yes, LASERS are involved. The track is made of wood, it's two pieces that fit together like a puzzle (not shown here, but you can see a picture of the deluxe track on the back of the box). It comes with two wooden pawns (not pictured). Those 5 red discs are wooden tokens, stained red then the logo laser engraved (MORE LASERS), and they help you keep track of how many rounds you've won. A game consists of best 3 out of 5 rounds, so if you win, take one of those fancy blood-red tokens to keep track. And of course, there are the cards (also not pictured above).

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys the boxes and tokens because they look pretty cool. Manufacturing is going on right now, and the game will be available online in a few weeks.

Oh and by the way, Flash Duel features 10 characters from my Fantasy Strike world, each with different gameplay. You'll see these same 10 characters in my other two upcoming games, Puzzle Strike and Yomi. And if I get your a fighting game someday.

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Lasers, cool. Wood, like the way they used to make 'em. The deluxe set looks magnificent. I might consider a purchase for a nephew of mine who is just crazy for these kinds of games. I'll check first if he does not have it yet.

February 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterFun Educational Games
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