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Puzzle Cake

Ha, check this out! TheFederalist posted this on the forums. He says it goes great with a tall glass of Gemonade:

"The characters and chips are edible gumpaste and that's a chubby little sugar Setsuki (my favorite character) on top, shuriken and all. The gems are Jello squares. The custom chip she's holding is "It's My Birthday (red, fist): All players reveal their hands and you take each of their highest [gem] into your hand."

Shameless plug for the creator, for all you nerds in the NorCal vicinity:

They'll make pretty much any decoration you want, and in a delightful exotic flavor (above cake is actually vanilla almond cream)."

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pure sister makes cakes as a hobby, so i can appreciate what went in to make this.

December 16, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterij
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