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Yomi and has a glowing review of Yomi! It's thorough and has lots of pictures, too.

Yomi has been out of stock for months now, but it will finally be shipping again at the very end of May. You still have until May 13th to get a free set of "cursed" character cards if you pre-order before May 13th.

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Wow I love wired. More incredible news!

May 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJubeh

Awesome! I have learned more about your YOMI Card game in Wired review. I stumbled upon you blog about games and got interested in checking them out. I love the idea of chips instead of cards for PUZZLE STRIKE, the 18 space linear board and player's pawn from Flash Duel game and it looks so cool! and I think Yomi is the coolest game I've ever seen because it has great combination of gameplay - fighting card game, valuation, Yomi (reading), the use of paper rock scissor and combos, interesting artwork design with the feel of video arcade game Street Fighter and Tekken sort of. The quality of material used for deck cards was excellent because we love shuffling our cards often to make sure its random prior to playing. And some accessories like gems and mat included. I watch the demo clip of Puzzle Strike and Yomi but Flash Duel doesn't have one but would love to see the actual game product demo clip. Back to Yomi, I am very much impressed at how this gameplay put together and the process of making it took long years. Well, it's not a one man band to design and produce a game and I must say well done to all involve with this project. I have nothing more to say now but I can't wait to buy this Yomi Complete First Edition or I should get the 'Super Bundle' offer so I can playtest them with my nephews and nieces. I'm definitely sure that they gonna love this awesome card game.

Have you ever thought about designing a board game? Hope you do... I'm sure it's going to be another exciting game... Kudos to your Yomi!

May 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterzosiana
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