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Introducing: Troq

Troq is big and strong and likes to SMASH.


Troq has a good heart and he means well. He's not the sharpest guy though, so he gets confused sometimes. He likes having smart friends so his brawn and their brains can team up to do some smashing, which Troq really enjoys.

Troq comes from the Golden Plains, and like many regions these days, the area is in an economic slump due to Flagstone's mining and resource collection operations. This led Troq to seek his fortune elsewhere. Troq isn't exactly the most loyal beast, so wherever he can find the best deal is where he'll go. For the moment, that's as a Flagstone footsoldier but Zane will eventually lure him away with bribes of Giant Growth potions. Troq loves to be big and strong.

In a fighting game, Troq will fill the role of an "alternate throw character," alongside Rook. He relies on high damage moves and powerful throws, without a lot of tricky stuff.

While Troq has a Giant Growth card in Flash Duel, I'd rather show you Cornered Prey:

Troq is extremely dangerous if he can corner you, because his dashing strike becomes basically a guranteed round-win. It's not easy for him to maneuver you into the corner, but the threat of it keeps you on your toes.

Here's his Puzzle Strike Giant Growth:

This gives Troq the ability to rush you down, if he can set it up. By first getting some big gems into his hand, he can play them directly to his gem pile with the intention of crashing them at you. His other chip More Shiny lets him get a 2-gem in hand and also reduce his own gem pile size if needed, while his Beast Unleashed chip really powers him up.

If you prefer simpler characters with powerful moves, you might like Troq. Next time we'll cover another Flagstone soldier: Bal-Bas-Beta.

Reader Comments (2)

I just have to ask: how exactly does his gameplay diverges from Rook? Could we get some more details?

February 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThiago

In Street Fighter, both Zangief and T.Hawk want to get close to the opponent and throw them, but they are still pretty different. Their normal moves being so different already sets them apart, and then Zangief's lariat and green hand compared to T.Hawk's air dive and dragon punch further separate them. Rook and Troq wouldn't have exactly those same moves as the Street Fighter characters, but the same concept of a different take on the same theme of getting close and throwing.

February 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterSirlin
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