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Diamond Chip Update

In case you missed the Pandante kickstarter update, here you go!

Pandante has three denominations of chips, and that’s all you need. But wouldn’t it be sweet to have a FOURTH denomination? One that looks even more valuable and awesome than the black panda chip? Let’s do this!

Introducing DIAMOND CHIPS:


This is actually the most exciting part of the whole project for me personally. I really want to have a set of all four denominations of these chips, including the awesome diamond chips, so I hope we can make this happen. If we do, the chip counts will be: 60 white chips, 60 red, 60 black, and 60 blue diamond chips (240 chips total).

There are four reasons why it helps to have a fourth denomination. The first is that if you decide to play Pandante in the real money mode, players must start with at least $100 (you start with only $50 in the social fun mode). Also, players who lose in that mode might want to rebuy in. Or a player might want to buy in for more than $100 in the first place. It really helps to use these diamond chips as $10 or $25 in that mode.

The second reason it helps to have a fourth denomination is for human poker. Several of you have mentioned that for human poker, you prefer having a fourth denomination. It still works with three denominations, but a fourth allows for more players and easier handling of larger buy-ins. So the diamond chips will make the set as a whole into a better poker set.

The third reason is that in the fun mode with the gold fairy you're trying to be the first player to reach a certain threshold of gold and it's helpful if it's easy to quickly count up the chips of anyone who is close to that threshold. If people with lots of gold change out a bunch of it for $25 diamond chips, you can figure out how much they have pretty quickly. And more than that, it just feels awesome to have the diamond chips because you get to brag. It's a baller move to say "I have so much money that I'll get a couple diamond chips so it's easier to count."

The fourth reason is just look at them, I mean wowow!


If you know any poker enthusiasts, consider mentioning the Pandante kickstarter to them. They might be intrigued by the gameplay or they might be into the great components (or both!). If we go outside the usual pool of board game players, maybe we can get enough people to make the diamond chips a reality. I hope so!