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$50 Holiday Gift on Pandante Kickstarter

From update #6 on Pandante's Kickstater:

Ready for a holiday gift? Many of you asked for a way to get other Sirlin Games in some sort of bundle with Pandante. There are so many logistical issues with that that it would make your head spin. I’ll do you one better:

If we reach $50k in funding, everyone who pledged for a luxury Pandante set will also get a discount code for $50 off anything at

You’ll get that $50 code shortly after the kickstarter ends which means there’s still plenty of time use it for a holiday gift for a friend or for yourself. Here’s a reminder of things you could spend it on, as well as announcement of a new thing:

Yomi: Complete First Edition
Puzzle Strike base set
Puzzle Strike Shadows
Puzzle Strike extras pack (including the great strategy guide)
Flash Duel

In addition to all that, there are currently two new items available:
Yomi: Quince deck (beta) print-and-play
Yomi: Onimaru deck (beta) print-and-play

Those decks have all real art (no placeholder) and are in a polished state of balance. In the coming weeks, more decks will be available in this form, and some will also be available in physical form in a limited run from a print-on-demand printer. If any balance changes happen, the print-and-play versions will get free updates and the physical versions will have a way to buy just the few changed cards (that’s an advantage of doing small print-on-demand runs).

Anyway, the point is that these new Yomi decks are just one more thing you could put your holiday gift money towards, if you like. It’s a way to get a hold of some new Yomi stuff many, many months before any kind of full release is possible. Or you could use your $50 to give Puzzle Strike or Flash Duel to a friend for Christmas.

So tell a friend about Pandante on kickstarter and let’s make this happen!