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Pandante Kickstarter Ending Soon

Just a reminder that we're in the last two days of the Pandante kickstarter. It's your last chance to get in on the gambling pandas. A lot of you have told me that the game feels like "Poker 2" and that it fixes various issues you've had with Poker. While that wasn't actually the original point of making Pandante, it sounds good to me! And thanks.

I thought you guys might like this blast from the past: the original console version of Pandante from the 80s. So here you go:

If you back the deluxe edition, in addition to the regular retail version of the game with 180 clay poker chips, you'll get the kickstarter exclusives of: 6 diamond challenge cards, an alternate Orange Panda Lord (General Oni-Mari), and an alternate art Joker featuring Lum, Gambling Panda. For more info on the kickstarter, head here while you still can!