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Fantasy Strike Assistant for iPhone

The Fantasy Strike Assistant app is now available for free on iPhone and iPod.

Here's the app description:

The Fantasy Strike Assistant helps ease logistics of playing Yomi, Puzzle Strike and Flash Duel.

Look up any card in the Fantasy Strike games, track life totals in Yomi and randomize your bank chips in Puzzle Strike! Look up exact abilities and stats so you can be at the top of your game...or just admire the card art. :)

a. View every card in Yomi
b. View every chip in Puzzle Strike and Puzzle Strike Shadows
c. View every card in Flash Duel, including Deathstrike Dragon's cards
d. Track life totals and knockdown state for two characters at once in Yomi (the app knows the starting life of each character to make it even easier)
e. Instantly pick a randomized set of bank chips for Puzzle Strike, either from the 3rd Edition base set, the Shadows expansion, or from both.
f. Choose from lots of preset banks
g. Swap out certain chips in the list and replace them with other chips to keep track of the swap procedure when playing in tournament formats.
h. Character randomizer for when you'd rather leave your character choice to chance. 

Fantasy Strike Assistant is a reference guide and helper, not a game. It requires the tabletop card games from Sirlin Games ( or access to the online versions at

Download it now. :)