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Daigo on SF HD Remix

Some people have asked if Daigo talked to me about SF HD Remix at Evolution. Yes, he did. It started with Japanese player Kuni asking a few questions about the game, then I pointed Kuni to for all the detailed information about the changes. The next day had read some of it and I think passed on some info to Daigo. I'm not actually sure how much or little Daigo played at that point, but he told me face-to-face what he thought:

Daigo said when a game is altered, a lot of the time it loses the essence of what made it good. In SF HD Remix, he says the essence is still there, with new things he likes, too. Then he said that if the game were released in Japanese arcades, he thinks it would be a hit.

In Japan, a console version isn't *that* important to the competitive scene, while an arcade version is necessary. Not true in the US anymore, but very true in Japan. Even the console version isn't available there, though. Kuni told me that some players have a North American Xbox (silver) account, so that lets them purchase SF HD Remix, then they can switch back to their Japanese account to actually play it. It's a hassle though, so they'd certainly appreciate a real console release, but what they *really* want is an arcade release.

If there's demand, maybe Capcom Japan will do it, who knows.

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