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Some of My Matches From Evolution 2009

After all the talk on forums about how bad Fei Long is, I played him a lot at Evolution. Here's the first match from the team tournament, Sirlin vs. Ryan Hart (of Tekken fame).


Sirlin vs. Thelo, aka "best defensive Honda." People seem not to know who Thelo is, but they should! He's a regular and annoying down-back player. Is Fei Long vs. Honda impossible?


Sirlin vs. Psychocronic's Bison. I miss the easy chicken wing -> flame kick juggle two times in this match because Bison happened to be just above my head, messing up which direction I have to do the input, I think. That's unusual as this is really common combo to land. Anyway, I did fine without it.


Sirlin vs. Bob Painter's Zangief. This is a pretty boring match because if I do mostly nothing, Zangief can't really do anything either. That's how Fei Long wins this match though. I fell asleep a couple times along the way and should not have fell for hop into SPD.

(Yes, I just beat that entire team by myself. I would repeat that feat again in the same team tournament vs another team.)

Sirlin vs. EA Megaman's Honda, aka "the best offensive Honda." He got 3rd at the Devastation event in Arizona recently. I have to ask again, is it impossible for Fei Long to beat Honda? That's what I read on the forums.


This is Sirlin vs. BruceLB (aka BruceAskew on Xbox Live). It's a tough one! You can see why I switched to Vega when I faced him again the next day in the singles tournament.


This one is from the day after during the semi-finals of the singles tournament. Sirlin vs. Orochizoolander's Sagat and Bison. I played badly vs his Bison, getting hit by several scissor kicks for no real reason, but I guess it was enough.


I had several more tournament wins than these, but these are the only ones I see videos for right now. Will post more if I find them.


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