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Yomi: Testers Wanted

Yomi: Fighting Card Game is suffering from endless art delays, but balance testing is on-going. The testers asked for some new blood though, so join them! (They are a friendly bunch.) You can learn about the rules of the game and see all the decks here. To play online, you can use the virtual card table program called Lackey. Information on how to setup Lackey to play Yomi is here. And stop by to ask for help and for opponents. There are tournaments about every week, but of course casually playing whenever you want is fine too.

Here's the newest version of Jefferson DeGrey's character card.

DeGrey is an educated, noble diplomat who fights for the rights of the oppressed, no matter who they are. He's from an earlier time, so he knows more than anyone how much worse his land has become. Long ago, at the moment of his death, his bargain with the Nox Oracle (a future Yomi character) granted him unnatural, long life and enough time to right the wrongs he's so passionate about. His female companion in life now watches over and aids him--even after her death--as her obligations in this world are not finished either.

DeGrey's character ability in Yomi is called Moral High Ground. His special moves (face cards) deal 1 extra damage for each extra card his opponent has in hand, compared to number of cards in DeGrey's hand. Even when he's low on options, DeGrey still has the Moral High Ground. And if all else fails, he can Pilebunker for a ton of damage.

To get started playing DeGrey and the other 9 characters, read about the game here and about playtesting online here.

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