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Kongai: More To Come

In case you haven't heard of Kongai, it's's site-wide virtual card game. By playing various games on Kongregate. you win cards for Kongai. Or, you can just buy Kongai cards straight up if you prefer. You can even go straight to Kongai, pick a few free cards, then earn cards while playing Kongai itself. Anyway, we're working on the game again.

Right now, we have 20 new characters and 20 new items in development. (Remember, a character card in Kongai is a lot more substantial than a card in other card games. It contains not just an ability and character stats, but also four attacks for the character, each with their own abilities and stats.) This new set of cards doubles the size of the game. With 800 1on1 matchups, and many times that if you factor in that you can also choose an item card for each character, it's a lot to consider! And factor in that games are played with 3 vs 3 characters or 5 vs 5, and that's a ton of combinations of things that can happen!

We're fixing bugs and balance issues every day now, in both the new set and the old cards. I've made over 100 changes in the last 4 days alone, and I'm completely exhausted from it, but we'll keep going. As usual, the balancing goal is to have no "god tier" characters (so powerful that you must play them or lose), no "garbage tier" characters (so weak that it's unreasonable to ever pick them), and to have the difference in power level from the strongest to weakest characters be a small as possible. We're actually so buried under bugs right now that we probably don't need more than a few beta testers, but soon we'll expand the beta test to more and more people, and then push it to live servers in what's hopefully a good state. Ok, back to work now.

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