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Puzzle Strike Fans Are Rallying

How does a board game not get lost in the shuffle these days? Pretty hard considering how many hundreds come out every year. Last year, more board games were successfully funded on kickstarter than the total number of board games that the traditional industry releases every year! is an unending flood of press releases. Some companies release expansions to their games faster than I can make the box art for my games. I'm less into expansions anyway and more into creating the perfect polished jewel of a game...though that's not exactly what keeps a game in the news.

The Puzzle Strike fans are working together make sure that one of the best deckbuilders around (the best there is for competitive play?) gets some badly needed publicity. Check out that thread and pitch in if you like. Right now they are trying to address how strangely few ratings the game has on boardgamegeek and how few reviews it has on Amazon. There's certainly more ideas in that thread, but those were the first and simplest things the fans chose to address, which makes sense. If you have the strategy guide, just showing that around would do wonders too I bet.

On my end, we're working on an all new UI for the online version of Puzzle Strike and Yomi, as well as the first launch of Flash Duel online. There's a kind of ridiculous amount of stuff in the update, so it's taking a while. (The current online version is at by the way, as of this writing it's before the updated UI.)  There's also the iOS version of Yomi in the works, and if that does well in the market, you can expect a free update to it that would add more 1p content, and someday an iOS version of Puzzle Strike, too. Meanwhile Game Salute is working on expanding the international distribution (of the tabletop version) of the game so that game stores in other countries have an easier time stocking it.

The focus in the Puzzle Strike publicity task force thread is thankfully not on what I should be doing (I'm spread faaaaar too thin as it is and doing my best to get to keep development going), but rather what fans can do right now to grow the community. I know from the fighting game world that a passionate group of fans for a game can really raise the profile of their community and get more and more people interested. It's exciting that we have that kind of passion! Feel free to join in that thread and give your own ideas or complete the "missions" they created so far.

I need a cheesy outro...Strike on!