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Year of the Snake and Chess 2

To celebrate the Chinese new year and the upcoming year of the snake, here's a beatiful new piece from Chess 2. It's the Jungle Queen!


Chess 2 is asymmetric with 6 different armies (including the original Classic army). It has a new win condition for crossing the midline of the board with your king (in addition to your grandpa's checkmates). There's also a double-blind bidding mechanic called dueling that makes memorized openings even more impractical, and emphasizes adaptation and reading the opponent's tendencies.

It's designed so it's pretty easy to play with a regular Chess set (only a few changes to remember for each army), but it's pretty cool to have custom sculpts that really express what the new pieces are about. At some unpredictable time in the future, I'll share more sculpts of special pieces from the game with you!