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More of My Evolution 2009 Matches

First up is Sirlin vs. Damdai in the team tournament. Damdai is an excellent player (he got 3rd in the singles tournament) and I think it's helpful that I can show both a loss and a win against him. You can see what it looks like when I'm trying to get in and what it looks like when I am applying pressure. Too bad I let him jump in a couple times without even trying to flame kick it, and one time I was waiting for the jump in and pumping the stick for my anti-air super, but missed it. I should have just tried flame kick in that case. Anyway, here are the matches:

Here's another comparison case of a win and a loss against the same player, this time Chris Doyle. I had never played him before but I was impressed with his ability at Chun Li. Shame on me for dong Fei Long's chicken wing (flying kicks) move at just the wrong distance a few times, allowing him to throw me. In the rounds I win, I am doing pretty much my standard strategy against Chun Li and it works out.

Here is casual play that took place at Evolution after the semi-finals but before the finals. I played against EA Megaman's Honda (he got 3rd at Devastation tournament) and Thelo's Honda (he got 5th, tied with me, at Evolution). After hours of matches with them my overall record was about 6-4, my favor. A *lot* of people said they had trouble in this match, or that it was practically impossible for Fei Long, even unwinnable. Hopefully this will help you see how it's possible to win. First, some samples of me vs EA Megaman:

And here's some matches with Thelo.Thelo has a generally more defensive style than EA Megaman, so I fought him a bit differently, going after him even more than against EA Megaman. And at 3:50 in the first vid, there's a couple crazy rounds in a row, including 4 consecutive flame correct flame kick guesses!

Hope you enjoyed the matches!


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